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DeVyne Boutique is a Sophisticated Fashion & Accessories store for Women.  We are a family owned and operated business by mother & daughter duo, Deloris Dallas and Melissa Hibbert.  Mother and Daughter have always shared a passion for fashion and together with founding DeVyne Boutique, they provide women a way to express themselves in quality, sophisticated apparel and accessories that are modern and timeless.

DeVyne Boutique - the store, is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico where not only are new products offered, but also gently worn consignment clothing & accessories are available.

DeVyne Boutique online reaches a global audience of women looking to enhance their wardrobe and empower themselves with sophisticated clothing & accessories.

We believe that every woman should feel "divine" or as we spell it "devyne", when they get dressed - showing up in the world more confident each day.  Enjoy!


Deloris & Melissa